Weight loss the yoga way

Weight loss
the yoga way

Are you tired of making yourself miserable to lose weight . . .

just to gain it back again as soon as you stop making yourself miserable??

What if there’s a different way? 

What if this way leads to PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS?

Attainable and sustainable.

Lots of things are different about our method, but I'll give you a hint about one of them:

You have to get to the root cause of the weight issues and fix

Otherwise it’s like having a boat with a hole in it and constantly bailing out the water. Until you fix that hole, you’ll forever be stuck bailing that water out.

If that’s how your weight loss journey has felt . . . there’s hope.

We’ll help you uncover things you may not have known to look for before. 

Handle things you didn’t have tools for before. 

Navigate in a way that’s harmonious for both body & mind.

With our method you don’t have to be miserable.

At the end of their 40 Days, most of our Weight Loss Challengers rave that they “loved every part of it” and it was “actually pretty easy” (direct quotes we hear a lot).

Average weight loss for those who complete the Challenge is 1-2 pounds per week.

Feel better. Have more energy.

Lose 1-2 pounds per week on repeat.



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