Community in yoga 🥰

Community in yoga 🥰

Looking for kind, positive, health-minded people to be around?

If so, you sound like one of us! 

The great thing about belonging to a yoga studio is you can be as social or not-social as you want to be. If you want to be in your zone and not talk with anybody - totally fine! You'll probably want to eventually though, because most people who are drawn to yoga are high-quality.

Practicing yoga with others is a beautiful balance of privacy and support, because . . . 

You have all these deeply personal experiences on your mat. That no one knows about. But it seems like your fellow yogis do, because you see them day after day as you’re healing and growing. And they’re doing the same.

You can share what you’re going through if you want to. But you don’t have to. You often don’t need to. Because you share a common framework.

You “get” each other without having to say many words.

Yoga is about connection.

With yourself first, but soon that spills over into others. 

Yoga means union. Unity.

Community happens naturally when there’s unity!

We don’t promote the fake kind of community, where people who barely know each other call each other “family” and 6 months later have a bitter falling out.

Community happens naturally when people are loved on.

When people are committed to the practice. When likeminded people do life together.

Come to take care of
yourself. Find a community you sync up with effortlessly over time!

Life is hard! You don't have to do it alone ❤️

Yoga is a great way to deepen your friendships and family relationships, too!

We often get besties who practice together, couples, exercise buddies, and mother-daughter duos (commonly when the kids are grown and the parents are empty-nesters). Even whole families!

It’s a way to . . .

stay on the same page as life gets more complex,

share something special and fun,

make memories,

take care of yourself,

and keep each other accountable

. . . all at the same time!  



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