Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions

Though we have a lovely variety of classes for all levels, the most important thing is to choose the time that works for you and commit to coming. We don’t judge “how well you’re doing”. The thing we celebrate is CONSISTENCY . . . because we know that with consistency, results are guaranteed!

YOGA FOR BEGINNERS - Practice what you learned in Yoga Foundations with this gentle, welcoming flow. Includes plenty of cues and instructions to help you develop a solid yoga foundation. You don’t have to be flexible or in shape to start yoga. We welcome all shapes and sizes . . . come as you are! 

YOGA FLOW (LEVEL 1-2) - Enjoy this hour to yourself as you flow through a delightful variety of beginning and intermediate poses. Options are offered to accommodate different levels, so this is an inclusive class for beginning to experienced yogis. 

YOGA FLOW (LEVEL 2-3) - Expand your practice beyond the foundations into fun poses like arm balances, headstand, and more. Though this is geared for more experienced yogis, we welcome all levels. If you’re newer to yoga, this is a fun way to explore what you have to grow into!

SUNRISE YOGA - Join our fabulous group of sunrise yogis and get a positive, energizing start to your day! Finish class feeling focused, present and ready for a productive day!

YOGA FOR STRESS RELIEF - Work out the stress of the day and walk out ready to settle into a nice evening with this chill yoga flow. A treat to look forward to all day!

PILATES - Pilates is an excellent complement to your yoga practice. Develop functional core and total-body strength as you learn to move in ways that better inform your yoga practice, sports, and all of life’s activities. Fabulous for improving posture, too!

YOGA FOUNDATIONS - Learn the basics of the foundational poses in this workshop-style class. In this class, we slow down and break down the how-to’s of the poses. Whether you are brand new to yoga or an experienced yogi looking to fine-tune your practice, our goal is to help you feel empowered and confident on your mat. 

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