About Us


Our space is clean, bright and open. It’s flooded with natural sunlight by day and glows from white Christmas lights by night. Beautiful oak laminate floors and pale yellow walls make it warm & welcoming.

We have a changing room in the back. Wear comfortable clothing (and you’ll practice with bare feet).

We love props and have them all - bolsters, blankets, blocks, straps, balls, even eye pillows. You may rent a mat for $1 or of course bring your own. If you’re new, we sell starter mats for $24. They’re my favorite ones . . . 6” longer and twice as thick as many that you’d find at Target or REI.

Our space is peaceful and full of positivity. Our students often comment that it feels like home.


“When I started the studio, I knew I would meet great people. Well, the students here far exceeded my expectations. They have changed my priorities, my values, my life. I am a different person from who I was when I met them, and I like this version of myself better.” - Julia

You will find our community to be supportive, friendly, and down-to-earth. Many friendships have been forged here - it’s a great place to meet people. People who are attracted to yoga tend to be proactive and positive. They care about themselves - otherwise they wouldn’t be there - and as an overflow they usually care about others, too.

Something all of us on staff love about our students is how welcoming they are. At the same time, they are respectful - if you want to come in and have your space and not interact, that is of course fine, too!

Our Story/About Julia

Why I Started The Studio

When I was in my young twenties, I had health problems the doctors couldn’t figure out. Also had DEEP depression. My spiritual pursuit was (and is) the most important element of my life. The combination of all this led me to find yoga . . . before I knew it was yoga.

Perhaps that’s why I’m more obsessed than most with understanding every nuance of yoga. Perhaps it’s why I get insanely happy with each discovery. Because it is POWERFUL, and I’ve experienced that, intimately.

It gave me a unique perspective for exploring yoga, as I found asana (the poses) last. I healed completely from my health problems & depression through a combination of feeling the energy in my body, holding the healing unwaveringly in my mind, and the most important part: faith.

Anyone who’s been through something like that can identify: it gives you a compassion like none other. You see someone hurting and you FEEL them. When I was 15 I dedicated my life to helping people, but this took it to another level. That’s why I started the studio, and why I’m PASSIONATE about it with every particle of my soul.

My Approach To Yoga

When I study yoga, I want to know the why, not just the what. I’ve always been fascinated by the human body . . . the more I learn, the more I want to know. The more dots I have to connect, the more clues I get into what creates optimal wellness and health.

My desire is to communicate a practical yoga. I want you to know how to use it for your specific issues, whether in your body or your life. I want you to know how to think about it, not just what to think.

I want you to progress in a way that’s safe for your body, that addresses postural habits, that trains your mind to focus with keen attention to detail. I want your yoga lessons to transform your life as much as your body.

My mission is to help you find a life of fulfillment and purpose, and ultimately help you be who you are created to be.

Notable Trainings

I try to study as close to the source as possible. I’ve studied twice in Mysore, India - both times with Vinay Kumar of Pranavashya Yoga (forever my favorite yoga master) and the first time also at the K. Pattabi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute. While in India, I studied privately with Dr. Vedanth, completing his basic Ayurveda course.

I completed my 500-Hour RYT with Mark Stephens of Santa Cruz, CA. He was one of the original players in the American celebrity yoga scene, served on the board for Yoga Alliance, writes articles for Yoga Journal and is personal friends with the people behind it . . . that’s his crowd.

I also pull from the MASSIVE (all-consuming) years of research I did during my health-problem era on everything health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, anti-aging, alternative healing, and spirituality I could find.

Still, I constantly study yoga, Ayurveda & nutrition. I love it. My spiritual life IS my life. There is always something fresh to share, always a deeper layer to uncover. I LOVE yoga, people, learning - and LIFE! I fall to the floor in gratitude multiple times per day, for getting to do what I do.