Most of our instructors have advanced (RYT-500) trainings and/or extensive experience in dance & fitness. We teach hatha yoga, with influences ranging from Ashtanga & Anusara to yin & restorative and many methods in between. We teach you the why along with the what so you can tailor your practice to your body, your needs & your life.

YBJ instructors are chosen for their character as much as their knowledge of yoga. Someone who lives life with excellence - in the hard places when no one is looking - will always have fresh insights to bring to the mat. Instructors who love genuinely are able to comfort their students; those who live inspiring lives will inspire others to do the same.  Meet your team . . .

Styles of yoga: Vinyasa, Classical Hatha, Ashtanga

My personal practice: I have a deep respect for all 8 Limbs of yoga. In addition to regular asana & pranayama, I meditate and incorporate the yoga sutras into all aspects of my life. Yoga forms the foundation for how I interact with the world.

My athletic background: I used to dance Flamenco professionally and still do it for fun. I also love hiking, biking, skiing, swimming, and weight training. I ran track in high school.

How I found yoga: Yoga found me when my life had fallen apart. I was in search of a spiritual solution, and it transformed my life.

What yoga is to me: Yoga is life! It lets me give to others and connect with others. It helps me consciously feel the mind-body-spirit connection. I love the way it has helped me gain control over my mind.

Why I love teaching: I am passionate about sharing this life-transforming practice. I love watching people grow and listening to their testimonies of how yoga is enhancing their lives.

What makes my classes different: I have an immense respect for the practice and I love people, so I try to transmit that in each class I teach. Because of my strong dance background, I integrate creative, fluid sequences. I love what I do and I am genuine. That is key.

How yoga has changed my life: It’s changed my life in every aspect! It has given me purpose. It allows me to share what I believe. I am part of something beautiful and sacred, and get to contribute to it. It has taught me self-love & compassion, and how to be of service to others. I love the contact I get to make with so many amazing people. What a gift!

Styles I practice: Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, Acro Yoga, Yin, and Restorative

My personal practice: my practice changes depending upon what I'm working on. I do a lot of Sun Salutations, work on sequencing for classes, work on a particular pose I’m trying to learn. I try to incorporate all aspects of yoga and mindful living into each day. I love practicing yin and restorative in the evenings.

My athletic background: Flamenco dance. I also love to get outdoors and hike or walk.

How I found yoga: I was an avid Pilates student when a friend introduced me to yoga. I fell in love and began building a practice.

What yoga means to me: Yoga is a way of life. I incorporate the Eight Limbs of Yoga into my life and use yoga to inspire me, ground me, and keep me in the present moment. It also strengthens, tones and detoxifies my system.

Why I love teaching yoga: I love being of service. Teaching yoga allows me to give back. I specifically love working with inmates and at-risk populations. It keeps me grounded in what is important.

What makes my classes different: I teach with humor. I hope that everyone in class leaves having laughed or smiled and feeling good in their bodies and calm in their hearts and minds. I also offer lots of alignment and assists when appropriate.

Outside of yoga: I am a native of Albuquerque and come from a large family. I have three wonderful boys and two beautiful grandchildren. I talk a lot and think I’m pretty funny sometimes. I am a good mother and grandmother. I am a loyal friend and a good listener.

How yoga has changed my life: It has given me insight into myself. I have learned how to be compassionate toward others on a much deeper level. Working with inmates has been profound in that regard. My practice and teaching keeps me grounded, helps me through the trying times and offers bliss always!

Styles I practice: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hot Yoga

My personal practice: Personal practice is my time to explore. I like to practice on my patio, turn on some great music, and play!

My athletic background: I’m a runner . . . 5/10K's, marathons, and the like. I also play in the Albuquerque Soccer League.

How I found yoga: I found yoga as a way to heal my body from running. Yoga found me a way to heal my spirit.

What yoga is to me: Yoga is that beautiful moment when everything is focused and working together – breath, body, mind, spirit. It is a way to feel centered and at home, even in the midst of crazy times. It is a way to honor yourself and the wonderful gift of life.

Why I love teaching yoga: I never thought I was the right type of person to practice yoga. I couldn’t get the poses exact; I didn’t quite look the part. I love showing people that you don’t have to be perfect, just be yourself. Plus as an instructor, you can’t beat the feeling of a room full of content yogis in savasana!

What makes my classes different: I aspire to create a comfortable environment that is a playground for students to challenge themselves. I teach with a heart full of love and the intention that everyone leaves feeling worthy and deserving of the gift of yoga.

Outside of yoga: I’m an Albuquerque girl, born and raised. I love running along the bosque, hiking in the Sandias, and driving along Route 66. I enjoy spending time with my husband, my dogs, and my garden.

How yoga has changed my life: Yoga has given me a tool to explore myself. Through this exploration, I’ve been able to overcome insecurities, gain self-confidence, and learn how to listen, trust, and enjoy. I’ve found a mechanism to manage my weight, anxiety, and depression. Yoga has helped me change the way I live my life to the way I’ve always dreamed of living.

Styles of yoga: Ashtanga

My personal practice: Short Primary Series, most days

My athletic background: Running, CrossFit . . . I also want to learn Parkour

How I found yoga: I found yoga in early college. I was overweight and trying to get into an active lifestyle. When I found yoga, something clicked. It was so transformative for me, it became a lifestyle.

What yoga means to me: Yoga centers my being. It's part of my everyday life. It helps me think, keeps me fit, and unifies me, mentally & physically. It is a place I go to find peace.

Why I love to teach: Yoga is a gift. A gift I can give to all who want to learn. I believe it is something every person should experience. Sharing the practice with others is empowering; it's also humbling. It is a continuous education.

What makes my class different: My experience with health issues as well as my interest in fitness drive my classes. When I teach, I learn along with the students. I share my practice, I share myself, and I grow with each class.

Outside of yoga: I am a big nerd! I love comics & superheroes. I'm also a certified baker and love to spend time in the kitchen. Aside from yoga, cooking and baking are the next best meditation for me!

How yoga has changed my life: Yoga has truly changed me physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. It has given me something to do when I'm frustrated with other things, and something I can depend on to center myself in times when things feel awry. Without yoga, I would not be the person I am today.

Styles of yoga: Hatha

My personal practice: my time on the mat is dictated by creative expression, rather than the pressure to get it right

My athletic background: minored in Dance at University of Northern Colorado; still do ballet & modern dance

How I found yoga: in college with my roommate. My mother-in-law then introduced me to more varied practices that caught my interest. It wasn’t until I practiced with Julia at Yoga by Julia that I really had communion with the practice.

What yoga is to me: Divine connection in its most available and succulent form.

Why I love teaching yoga: I love - so deeply - connecting people with their bodies. Our bodies are deep recorders of our feelings and intuition. Refining how we respond to our most natural mechanics and making more informed, compassionate choices is why I love teaching yoga.

What makes my classes different: vibrant + dynamic = asana-awesomeness, with a dash of sparkle

Outside of yoga: I am an artist – actor, director, and teacher of the arts

How yoga has changed my life: it gave me a way to myself that has catapulted me into an endless path of how I connect to God

Styles I practice: Vinyasa, Iyengar, Restorative & Yin. I'm also a certified Pilates instructor and group fitness instructor.

My background: I grew up as a tap, jazz & ballet dancer. I was lucky to have the opportunity to teach dance to young students, giving them confidence and the ability to feel comfortable in their bodies. I was a cheerleader in high school and college (University of New Mexico), and dance gave me the skills to teach many forms of fitness. I've been moving my entire life . . . I hope I never stop!

How I found yoga: I came to yoga looking for a new way to work out, but then I discovered the mind & body connection and it changed my life. Arriving on my mat, I can find myself through breathing and movement. I work to find my peace and happiness during class and I try to take that out into the world and make it a better place.

What yoga is to me: Yoga is a wonderful, grounding practice that brings joy into my life. Yoga helps to calm my mind and body and reminds me to slow down and breathe.

Why I love teaching yoga: I love sharing my joy for yoga with others. I believe people who are happy radiate beauty. I want everyone who comes to my class to find their own joy and happiness that they can take with them when they leave.

What makes my classes different: I teach positive and uplifting classes. I present creative sequencing - and balance poses are my favorite!

Outside of yoga: I'm a loyal friend and fun to be around. I'm also a marketing director, which allows me to be creative at work. It's a perfect fit for me.

How yoga has changed my life: Yoga makes me aware of who I am and who I strive to be. It makes me mindful & grateful. I can't imagine my life without it!

My certifications: I am a certified yoga instructor, Pilates instructor, group fitness instructor, and Personal Trainer. I am also certified as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Why I love teaching Pilates: I like the strength and long, lean muscles Pilates gives to a body. I also love helping my students learn proper alignment and corrective exercises.

What makes my classes different: I am detailed in my instruction and place a priority on safety. I believe alignment is crucial to prevent injury. My instruction can be very hands-on at times.

My favorite things and people: I love the outdoors . . . smelling the fresh air on a hike, soaking in my surroundings, and finding new trails. I love my 2 dogs, my 3 grandchildren, and my beautiful daughters. I love to travel and have been fortunate to have seen a lot of our lovely world.

How I found Pilates: I studied with Carola Trier (Joseph Pilates' protege) years ago in NYC while training to be a professional dancer in the NYC Ballet.

Why I love teaching Pilates: Helping people connect with their bodies is so rewarding. I love to watch them gain awareness, breath, and joy through movement.

What makes my classes different: I incorporate all types of bodywork into my teaching. I believe in creating a safe, injury-free & inspiring class.

Outside of Pilates: I love my friends & family. Yoga is central to my life and well-being. Also, my work at Presbyterian is very meaningful on a daily basis. I love music, travel, dancing, reading, spending time with my husband and children.