Tokyo: Adventure Is Definitely The Word

Tokyo is hands-down my favorite trip so far. This place is dazzling and inspiring and impressive on multiple levels. Here are some pics. (And if you’re on Facebook, you can read about my memorable entrance upon arrival here.) The latest news is . . . Paul McCartney is on Thursday and today is Tuesday and […]

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How To Find The Friends You Want

WEEK 4 OF OUR 40 DAYS OF FRIENDSHIP I keep wanting to write about the deep, sweet friendships – but everything I think to say is obvious. The effortless friends – the ones you can’t wait to hang out with and can share anything with – they’re the sweet treasures of life, worthy of pursuit […]

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Yoga Gives Her Strategies For Life

SPOTLIGHT ON HANNAH HUGHES Hannah works the desk here and is also one of my long-time friends! Fun facts about Hannah: 1. I was Julia’s piano student for 5 years, and have been friends with her for nearly a decade! 2. I love to dance – I’ve taken flamenco, hula, and ballet. 3. If I […]

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Yoga Therapy for Happy Down Dogs

APRIL WORKSHOP WITH GUEST INSTRUCTOR CHRIS DE VILBISS Find more strength, stability, and deep postural symmetry in your practice. We’ll find and engage certain individual muscles, then engage two or more muscles in basic postures. Finally, we’ll locate all these muscles during a sun salutation. This is a potent sequence of muscle engagements ideal for […]

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How Yoga Deepens Friendships

WEEK 2 OF 40 DAYS OF FRIENDSHIP Before I started the studio, I put out two intentions: 1. I wanted to be surrounded by positive, uplifting people who wanted to be healthy 2. I wanted a community of people who I saw regularly – as in, several times per week I’d had a series of […]

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This Triplet Used To Hate Yoga

MEET STUDENT OF THE WEEK, STEPHANIE DEL CAMPO Fun Facts About Stephanie: 1. I am a triplet! I have an identical sister and a fraternal brother. We are very close, although we don’t live in the same city anymore. 2. I have two wonderful boys, 7 and 2 years old 3. I am a Speech […]

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